Bob Falstein

" Kevin has helped me many times when I had computer malfunction with my old mac and I learned some techniques for getting around on my computer as well.When I decided to get a new mac I knew I didn't want to go to the store and purchase it on my own. I'm sure the salesman would have helped me.However, I chose to call Kevin and ask him what he thought I needed. He took charge and set me up with a new mac with backup capabilities and new monitor and keyboard.He brought it to my house and set the system up in my office. He then set up templates that were important to my office work and by the time he left my home, I
was able to print contracts and cover letters and data base new names and addresses. My email was immediately working also.He saves me time and headaches. There is no price you can put on that.And his fee is competitive and well worth it. Lockey Solutions is truly the solution for people like me that need personal help and tutoring.

Thanks Kevin." Sincerely,Bob Falstein, Entertainer. Bob's web site is

Bob plays regularly at Bing Crosby's inWalnutCreek, Jordan's Restaurant at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley and Izzy's Steakhouse in San Ramon. Bob's Band DeLish is alsoavailable.

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